HDRB18 Heavy-Duty Rail Beam

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The Thomson HDRB18 Heavy-Duty Rail Beam is designed for use with the most powerful materials handlers and heavy excavators. FEATURES

This beam incorporates a hydraulic telescoping and load levelling function making it ideal for continuous use in rail storage and rail welding yards.

The jaw design, developed from our RHB16 Rail Beam, allows rails to be stacked foot-to-foot and for any rail to be selected from tight stacks without having to move the adjacent rail sections.

This jaw design also provides over 4 tonnes of grip force per jaw to hold rails securely when working at high speed.

The 2.5 tonne safe working load ensures that the high dynamic forces generated by materials handlers and large excavators do not overload the beam.

* Foot-to-Foot Stacking of Rails

* Hydraulic Telescope Function

* Load Levelling Function

* Designed for High Dynamic Loads

* Designed for use with Heavy Excavators and Materials Handlers

*High Jaw Grip Force

* Built-in Pressure Control

* Safety 'Parachute' Valve




2-Service Hydraulics (std.)

3-Service Hydraulics (opt.)

16-tonne Rotator (std.)

30-tonne Rotator (opt.)

Running Rail

Conductor Rail

Grooved Rail

Full Range of Adapter Heads:

Selection Guide


* Rated for Full-Time Heavy Duty Use

* Low Whole-Life Cost

* Full Factory Back-Up

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