sleeper spreader beam
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Lifting Sleepers

Sleepers can be gathered into a tight pack before they are lifted from the delivery wagon or truck.



Sleepers are spread accurately to the correct spacing and set down precisely in position.


sleepers in position

Sleepers are perfectly positioned and ready for rail installation.



This design image shows how the sleepers are safely held between soft gripping pads with powerful hydraulic actuators to ensure complete safety during the lifting operation.


4 sleeper

4 and 7- Sleeper Spreader beams are ideal for site work. Larger units up to 28 sleepers can be produced to order for gantry and twin-jib crane operation.



Adjustable legs are available for handling multiple sleeper gauges


Main contact points protect sleepers with heavy duty urethane pads


Electric, Gasoline and Diesel power packs can be built in to provide power for the hydraulic system with either pendant or radio remote control.
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