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The Thomson Engineering Design Autolok Rail Clamp is available in hydraulic, manual, pneumatic and electric versions and can be supplied for either running, conductor or grooved rail handling. autolok h Features

A key feature of the Autolok is the enclosed mechanism with a 'red flag' indicator to show whether the jaw is open or safely locked onto the rail.

Although the manual Autolok weighs less than 25kg it has a safe working load of 1,250kg and is tested to 3,000kg.

Four basic types of Autolok are available: the Autolok H with hydraulic operation, the Autolok M manual version, the Autolok P pneumatic version and the Autolok E with 24Volt electrical operation of the jaw mechanism.

All three types can be specified for handling either running rails, conductor rails or grooved rails. Special pupose models can also be provided. See the Specifications Document for more details.

* Lightweight, Compact Design

* Cam Mechanism for Safety

* Red Flag Jaw Status Indicator

* Hydraulic, Manual, Electric or Pneumatic Operation

* Designed for High Dynamic Loads

*Proven in Service Since 2006

* 2,000kg WLL

* CE Marked




Hydraulic Operation

Manual Operation

Pneumatic Operation

Electric Operation (24V / 12V DC)


Running Rail

Conductor Rail

Grooved Rail

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Specifications Document
Autolok M operation Animation of Mechanism
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grooved rail Benefits manual version

* Cam mechanism means no linkage to stick

* Fully enclosed mechanism to minimise risk of damage

* High strength to withstand heavy duty use

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