Thomson Engineering Design's range of equipment for handling Ballast Trackbed, laying geotextiles, and marking the trackbed are all designed for the long term, heavy-duty operation.

Ballast Plough

The Thomson Ballast Plough is the fastest way to remove deep layers of excess ballast from the track. An ideal partner to ballast brooms.

Geotextile Handler

Reduce manual handling and improve productivity with Thomson Engineering Design's geotextile handlers.

Ballast Scarifier

Properly scarified ballast saves time on tamping steel sleepers and improves trackbed stability and drainage.

Bag Carrier

Safely carry disposable bulk bags up to 2 tonnes (4400 lbs) with our all-steel bag carriers.

Multi-Bag Carrier

For larger excavators and cranes this device significantly improves efficiency.

Bag Holder and Handler System

Removing wet bed ballast is made simpler by a purpose designed bag holder and a matching attachment for moving the bags.

Track Line Marker

Quickly mark out the trackbed using our trackbed marking machine which is accurately guided by the adjacent running rail.

Ballast Clearer

The Thomson Ballast Clearer allows the centre of the sleepers in a new track to be quickly cleared to give clear sight to the tamper operator.