Thomson Engineering Design's range of trolleys for general and special purposes is set out below. Click on the pictures to link to the individual product pages.

Buffalo Trolley

The Buffalo Rail Trolley is our most popular model sharing all the features of the Bison Trolley but using a steel chassis to lower cost.

Bison Trolley

The Thomson Engineering Design Bison Rail Trolley is a light weight two-piece trolley with a 1,000kg payoad capacity, regenerative braking system.

Hawk Trolley

The Hawk Trolley is a smaller one-piece trolley using the same regenerative braking system as the Bison Trolley.

Elk Trolley Skate

Combining the functions of a sack barrow with a rail skate, this unique product is the first practicable ‘Road / Rail’ hand trolley.

Long Welded Rail Mover

A range of trolleys and tow-bars for carrying long welded rail sections and for general purpose use.

Rail Making / Greasing Trolley

Clearly demarcate work zones by applying a paint line to the head of the rail. Also used to apply track lube.