Thomson Engineering Design are the UK's leading supplier of RRV Fastclip attachments and also produce a range of other equipment for use with Pandrol Clipping Machinery of all types.

Mk3 Fastclip Machine

The Thomson Mk3 Fastclip machine is the industry standard for RRV fastclip attachments with over 60 in use in the UK alone.

E-Clip and PR-Clip Remover

Designed for removing Pandrol clips at up to 2.5km per hour this heavy-duty attachment is ideal for rail renewals, de-stressing.

Bespoke Clipping Machines

Our in-house design and prototyping service allows us to design and build special purpose clipping machines on short lead times.

Fastclip / E-Clip Combination Clipping

The Thomson Mk3c Combination Clipping Attachment combines the functionaliity of both the Mk3 Fastclip machine.