The Thomson Cable Drum Carrier is designed for cable drums up to 5 tonnes in weight. The basic model is shown in this page documentation but other models in the range incorporate brakes and / or power drive to the drum shaft.

A unique feature of the standard model is the way the drum shaft is supported. Rather than being supported by plain bushes which have a relatively high friction, the drum shaft of the Thomson Cable Handler rests on hardened steel rollers which themselves run on low friction ball bearings.

This means that very little force needs to be applied to the cable when dispensing from the drum and this feature makes the Thomson Cable Handler especially suitable for delicate cables such as optical fibre.

The Cable Drum Carrier may be supplied with both rigid and turntable mounts.

CL20-03 Cable drum handler for manufacturing industries
    • Fully tested and certificated
    • Low rolling resistance
    • 5000 kg capacity
    • Adjusts to a wide range of drum sizes
  • Weight (Typical) :-  1725 kg
  • WLL (Safe Working Load) :- 5500kg
  • Max. Drum Diameter :-  3000 mm
  • Max. Drum Width :-  1775 mm
  • Min. Drum Spindle Hole Diameter :- 90 mm
  • Max Drum Spindle Hole Diameter :- 125 mm
  • Max. Fork Dimensions :- 200 mm x 100 mm
  • Fork Pocket Centre to Centre Distance :-  1200 mm

Load test certificate supplied.


Specification Document
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CL20-03 Cable drum handler for machinery
CL20-03 Cable drum handler for machines


  • Simple to load and unload
  • Adaptable to a wide range of drum sizes
  • Braked and powered versions available
  • Very low rolling resistance for delicate cables
  • Full Factory Parts Backup
  • CE Marked
  • LOLER certificate