Twin central attachment points make this beam suitable for use with single hooks and rams-horn hooks on cranes of all types.

This beam is available in 6m and 9m versions with working load limits from 10,000kg to 20,000kg.

The 9m length minimises the flexure of the panels but where crane capacity is an issue the 6m model can be provided.

CPB20-01 Beams incorporate twin chain attachment points making them suitable for use with both single hook and rams-horn hooked cranes. Tag line attachment points are provided at each end and to
fit the hooks under the rails at track level handles are also fitted.
To cope with panels with different sleeper spacings an adjustable length version is also available.

On this version the cross beams at the ends of the main beam can be drawn back along the main beam by up to 250mm (varying the effective length of the beam by up to 500mm) to ensure that the location of the hooks always falls between sleepers.

Crane panel Beam for electronic industry
  • 6 or 9 meter options, with up to 20,000 kg capacity
  • Long-life teflon bushes, on large 60mm diameter shafts
  • Pull handles and tag line attachment points for easy fitment
  • Rail shaped hooks to minimise rail twisting
  • Tare Weight :- 1975kg
  • Working Load Limit :- 10,000kg
  • Proof Load (factory test) :- 20,000kg
  • Headroom requirement :- 1.9m
  • Beam effective length :- 9m
  • Transport Dimensions (LxWxH) :- 9657x2085x1067mm
  • Cross Beam Articulation (for twisted track) :- 18.5deg


Specification Document
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Crane panel Beam for infra structure
Crane panel Beam for construction


  • All connection points are fitted with long-life teflon-coated bushings running on 60mm diameter shafts to keep stresses within these key components low and significantly extend their working life.
  • Pull handles and tag line attachment points allow easy fitment to and release of the beam at ground level and on a wagon or truck. There is no requirement for working at height to connect or disconnect the load.
  • Hooks are shaped to fit the angle of the rails so that no twisting forces are imparted to the rails, minimising the risk of dropping rotten sleepers when handling scrap panels.
  • The whole structure is constructed of steel, fully welded, tested
    and inspected prior to despatch. Each beam comes with a factory certificate of thorough examination.
  • Beams can be supplied in 9m and lighter 6m versions with working load limits from 10,000kg to 20,000kg and special versions can also be built to order.