In order to accommodate varied Sleeper sizes the grab features sliding jaws mounted on steel rollers.

Thomson Engineering Design provide custom built grabs for handling any number of sleepers in any configuration and for any type of crane, handler or excavator.

From light weight handlers for delivery trucks to 56 sleeper train loading grabs our range encompasses every application.

Hydraulic grabs incorporate all the safety features you would expect including pressure control, check valves on the cylinders and automatic locking of the jaws when lifted.  Where hydraulic power is not available, our mechanical systems grab and release the sleepers fully automatically as they are raised and lowered or we can incorporate an electric or engine driven power pack with remote control for a fully self-contained solution.

Concrete sleepers are protected from damage by highly durable urethane pads at all the contact points which also improves the grip.

Download the range brochure for more details or contact our engineering team to discuss your individual requirements.

Sleeper handler for mechanics
  • High output sleeper handling
  • Maximise productivity by matching to host machine capacity
  • Custom made solutions in any configuration
  • Concrete sleeper surfaces fully protected
  • Full range of safety features
  • Built-in power pack option
  • Mechanical actuation option
  • Durable urethane grip pads
  • High grab force
  • Synchronised jaw movement
  • Custom design and manufacture


Specification Document
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  • Adapter heads include two perpendicular hinges to ensure that the Sleeper Handler hangs freely below the boom of the host machine.
  • Cylinders are rated for 210 Bar service pressure. The lower system pressure set by the pressure reducing valve (140 Bar) helps to minimise wear on seals.
  • Replaceable urethane pads on all contact surfaces protect sleepers from damage. The pads which rest on the top of the sleepers can be raised or lowered to accommodate different sleeper depths.
  • Synchronising mechanism ensures both jaws open and close together to maintain the balance of the device at all times.
  • Wide jaw opening makes it easy for the operator to grab and release sleepers and minimses risk of striking sleepers.