Specifications for the Thomson Instant Barrier System.

The Thomson Instant Barrier System is designed for the rapid demarcation of safe walking routes and safe working areas for permanent way maintenance.

The system consists of a rapid-action rail clamp supporting a tension barrier post which can be ‘plugged’ onto the head of a running rail section.

A number of accessories are also available including trolleys, stillages and offset base attachments for use where rail vehicles must also use the line.

This system is designed to provide a visual reminder of the limits of the safe working area and is particularly useful where adjacent lines are open to traffic.

Each post contains two 3.6m lengths of barrier tape wound onto a spring loaded reel which can be simply withdrawn and clipped to the next post. Stillages contain 28 posts – enough for 100m of barrier.

Key Features

Posts simply ‘plug’ onto the head of running rails and are removed by
simply lifting them off. Once fitted the post is secure against wind from
passing traffic on adjacent lines.

Ballast trays are available which allow the posts to be fitted in any location.

Offset bases allow the posts to be used where the line must remain open
to engineering traffic.

The special post trolley holds 60m of barrier in a road / rail trolley skate.

Up to 200m of barrier can be carried using stillages on a standard rail trolley.


Post Weight                                                                                                        5.75 kg

Barrier Tape Length                                                                                          3.6 m

Post Height Above Rail Head                                                                          770 mm

Offset Base Dimension (rail foot edge to post centre line                        500

Offset Base Weight                                                                                          7 kg

Contact Details

All technical and sales enquiries should be directed to Thomson Engineering Design.

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