The Thomson MRH14. Multi-Rail Lifter is designed. For the handling of bulk deliveries of rail.

The device can be supplied. In different configurations for. Handling from 2 to 12 rails at a time.

Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuated versions are available in all configurations.

These units are typically. Used in pairs on a spreader beam. For handling rails up to 20m in length. For longer rail lengths Thomson Engineering. Design can also supply. Spreader beams for multiple units.

Thomson Multi-Rail Lifters can be made to suit any rail section including conductor rail.

All designs incorporate fail-safe mechanisms and are tested to twice their safe working load rating. Specifications given relate to the 5-rail version.

MRH14 Multi rail handler for making railway line
  • Handle 2 to 8 rail bundles
  • Rapid unloading and loading of rails
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and manual versions. Can be used in conjuction . With spreader beams
  • Weight (5 Rail Hydraulic) :-115 kg
  • Weight (5 Rail Manual) :-110 kg
  • WLL (5 R Safe Working Load) :- 6,000 kg
  • Proof Load (factory test) :- 200% SWL
  • Mechanism Pneumatic/Hydraulic / Man.
  • 0/A Height (typical) :-495 mm
  • 0/A Width (typical) :- 290 mm
  • 0/A Length (5-Rail typical) :- 890 mm
  • Max. Hyd. Pressure (H) :-  190 Bar
  • Min. Hyd. Pressure (H) :-  90 Bar
  • Handle operating force (M) :- 50 N
  • Body Colour :-  08E51 Yellow
  • Moving Parts :- Signal Red

LOLER test certificate supplied.


Specification Document
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complete system of train track
railway track pictures


  • Manual, Pneumatic or Hydraulic actuation
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic versions include ‘red flag’ indicator for grab status.
  • Twin hitch points for odd or even numbers of rails
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Bronze bushes on grab shafts Detector. Switches for safety. Systems can be. Included
  • Full factory parts backup
  • CE Marked