Instant Rail Demarcation Barrier System

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Our instant Barrier System is the simplest and quickest way to mark out the limits of a worksite or to warn of hazards in the rail environment.

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The unique rail head clamp simply push fits onto the rail for a secure fitting on BS113A, CEN60 and Bullhead rail and is removed by simply lifting the post.

Single strap, twin strap and rigid rail designs are available as well as a range of accessories including lights and warning lamps.

With our special trolley mounted rack one man can erect 100m of barrier in minutes and remove it just as quickly.

Click on the movie clip button to see just how much quicker and easier this product is than traditional post and tape barriers.

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Available in the UK exclusively through our agents:

Codiun Limited, Swindon

Tel: 02476 100 987

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Network Rail Product Acceptance Network Rail
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