Laying Geotextiles becomes easier and quicker using Thomson Engineering Design’s Geotextile Handler.

Originally developed for use with the heavy Geosand fabrics the concept has now been extended so that the latest model can handle all types of geotextiles in rolls up to 6m wide.

An 8m version is currently under development.

The roll of fabric is supported on steel spindles which run in tapered roller bearings. Powerful hydraulic cylinders are used to drive the spindles into the core of the roll.

No manual handling of the roll is required leading to reduced fatigue and risk.

Geotextile handler for machines
  • One device for all roll sizes up to 6m wide
  • Reduces manpower requirement
  • Reduces fatigue and eliminates manual handling
  • Weight (typical) :- 375 kg
  • WLL (safe working load) :- 1,250 kg
  • Proof Load (factory test) :- 2,500 kg
  • Mechanism :- Hydraulic
  • 0/A Height :- 785 mm
  • 0/A Width :- 250 mm
  • 0/A Length :- 1,250 – 6,250 mm
  • Max. Hydraulic Pressure :- 210 Bar
  • Min. Hydraulic Pressure :- 90 Bar
  • Body Colour :- 08E51 Yellow
  • Cylinders :- Signal Red

LOLER test certificate supplied.

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  • Fully protected hydraulic cylinders
  • Handles all popular roll sizes
  • Check valves on cylinders
  • High resistance to dynamic loads
  • Proven in use since 2008
  • 1,250 kg WLL
  • Easy to use and reduces manpower
  • Handles geotex and geosand fabrics
  • Full Factory Parts Backup
  • CE Marked