Key features and specifications for the Thomson Engineering Design Low Headroom Hydraulic Panel Beam for tandem lifting of track panels

The Thomson Engineering Design Low Headroom Panel Beam is the ideal solution for tandem handling of track panels under overhead electrification equipment and structures.

Powerful hydraulic jaws grip the rails allowing track panels to be lifted out of the ballast and loaded onto rail wagons or trucks.

Each beam has a 10,000kg working load giving plenty of strength when lifting panels from frozen or compacted ballast.

The centrally mounted attachment shackle is only a few millimetres above the rail head height minimising the headroom required for the lifting operation and maximising the number of track panels which may be loaded onto wagons or trucks, especially when working under bridges, in tunnels or under overhead catenary electrification equipment.

A full suite of safety features are incorporated into the design including pilot operated check valves on the jaw cylinders, a parachute valve to lock the jaws during the lifting operation and built-in pressure control to protect the hydraulic circuit.

All beams are proof load tested to 15,000kg and certificated prior to despatch from the factory and the design has been subjected to exhaustive testing and computer analysis.

All Thomson products are designed and manufactured under our ISO9001:2015 approved quality assurance processes and are built to be safe and reliable throughout a long working life.

Key Features

The wide jaw opening and taper-ended design of the frame helps align the
beam to the track panel as it is lowered into position.

Handles on each end allow the machine controller to assist with alignment if necessary.

The hydraulically actuated jaws grab below the rail heads for a safe and
secure grip.

Once attached to the track the centrally mounted attachment shackle is

only a few millimetres above rail head height.

Lifting the attachment point shackle actuates a spring loaded safety valve
which shuts off the hydraulic connection to the jaw cylinders making it
impossible for the operator to accidentally release the load during the
lifting operation.

A precision made pressure reducing valve controls the pressure within the
hydraulic circuit, protecting the whole system and allowing these beams to
be connected to any hydraulic service with a pressure of 90 to 325 Bar.

The jaw cylinders are fitted with pilot operated check valves which
automatically lock them in the event of a burst hose or host machine

Attaching the LPB20-02 to the host machine via a short length of chain
allows the operator to easily control the lift and helps ensure that the two
lifting machines do not pull against each other.

Tandem lifting of track panels (typically up to 25m long) is simple, safe
and fast requiring no working at height and, thanks to the low headroom
design, minimising the risk of damaging overhead structures.


Tare Weight                                                                    225 kg

Working Load Limit                                                      10,000 kg

Proof Load (factory test)                                              15,000 kg

Application                                                          Standard Gauge Track

Transport Dimensions (L x W x H)                             1704 x 350 x 400 mm

Maximum Hydraulic Pressure                                    325 Bar

Minimum Hydraulic Pressure                                     90 Bar

Pressure Control                                                   Pressure Reducing Valves

System Pressure                                                           100 Bar

Jaw Grip Force                                                               28 kN


A broad gauge version of this product is also available

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