The Thomson Engineering Design TD15-01 Threader dragger is the ultimate tool for handling, removing and installing long welded rails of all types (including conductor rail).

The beam can be set to any length from 3.6m to 6m and has a safe working load of 2,000kg for heavy duty operation.

Its unique jaw arrangement allows the Multi Rail Beam to pick and place flat bottom and conductor rails in foot-to-foot stacks without the need to manually bar rails apart.

It is also designed to lift bullhead rail in and out of our Rail Racks.

The Multi Rail Beam is available with a number of options including hydraulic telescope with load levelling and in special versions for longer rails.

Multi rail beam for lifting
  • One tool for every job
  • Heavy duty design for long working life
  • Load and unload rails in tight stacks without the need to manually group or spread the rails
  • Weight (Typical) :- 840 kg
  • Weight (transport stands) :- 30 kg
  • WLL (Safe Working Load) :- 2,000 kg
  • Proof Load (factory test) :- 4,000 kg
  • Mechanism :- Hydraulic RotaryJaw
  • 0/A Height (typical) :- 750 mm
  • 0/A Width :- 400 mm
  • 0/A Length :- 3,800 to 6,200 min
  • Max. Hyd. Pressure :- 190 Bar
  • Min. Hyd. Pressure :-90 Bar
  • Handle operating force (M) :-  50 N
  • Body Colour :- 08E51 Yellow
  • Moving Parts :- Signal Red

LOLER test certificate supplied.

complete system of train track
railway track pictures


  • Strong and Versatile
  • Jaws fit between tight stacked rails
  • All-steel welded construction
  • High resistance to dynamic loads
  • For running & conductor rails
  • 2,000kg WLL
  • 4,000kg Proof load
  • Prototypes tested to 20,000kg
  • 3.6m to 6m length as standard
  • Soft rollers available for coated rails
  • Full factory parts backup
  • CE Marked