This family of products includes rail lifters suitable for handling flat bottom rails of all types from 2 to12 rails per bundle.

With two types – fixed and adjustable – and four actuation systems – manual, hydraulic, electric and
pneumatic – together with capacities ranging from 2 rails to 12 rails (fixed type) or 2 rails to 6 rails
(adjustable type) and options including status detection switches, indicator flags and combining
beams, more than 1,000 individually tailored rail handling solutions are available.

MRH14 fixed type Multi-Rail Handlers are tailored to the width of the rail foot and so can only be used
with a small range of different rail sections. They are more tolerant of dirty and dusty environments
and are slightly more robust than the MRL18 adjustable types making them the go-to choice for the
harshest environments – rail welding plants and dock yards for example.

Adjustable types can be used to handle rails with a range of different foot widths making them the first
choice as a general purpose rail bundle handler, for example in rail stock yards. Setting these units
for different rail widths takes just a few minutes and does not require tools but they are limited to a
maximum of six rails per unit. Where more rails must be handled with each lift, special combining
beams allow multiple units to be linked together.

Thomson Engineering Design can also provide spreader beams to carry a number of Multi-Rail
Handlers to support rails of any length. Normally the handlers are installed at 6m to 12m intervals
along the length of the spreader beam – depending on the stiffness of the rail sections to be handled.

Our application engineers will be pleased to provide advice on the best option for your individual needs

  • Wide range of product configuration to suit all rail handling applications
  • Multiple safety features
  • Turnkey systems available
  • Manual, Electric, Hydraulic and Pneumatic operation options
  • Range of sensors and warning devices for full system integration in automated plants


  • Sizes from 2 rails to 12 rails
  • Single or multiple rail types
  • Manual, Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic actuation
  • Rail detector option
  • Status indication flag option
  • Status indication detection switch options


Specifications Document
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Hydraulic rail lifter for construction industries
Hydraulic rail lifter for construction