This device incorporates a digging blade used to clear ballast from between the sleepers and a sleeper manipulator which can be used to move, turn and handle the sleepers eliminating the need for heavy manual work.

Developed from our proven and successful SM12 Sleeper Manipulator, which has been in production for seven years, the manipulator on the SC19-01 Sleeper Changer embodies the unique features of that product including replaceable grip pads with Urethane coating for concrete sleepers, steel faces for steel sleepers or patterned steel faces for gripping wooden sleepers.

In the SC19-01 Sleeper Changer the chain drive rotator of the SM12 has been replaced with a heavy duty worm-drive unit which is more compact giving the operator even better control of the sleepers
and even more torque to help release old sleepers from the track bed.

  • Grab kept as close to the attachment point as optimum control
  • Heavy duty worm-drive high output torque & low speed
  • Both hydraulic systems incorporate pressure reducing valves
  • Weight (typical) :- 1,225 kg
  • Weight (with typical adapter head) :- 1,375kg
  • Rotator type :- Worm dive, continuous operation
  • No. of Grab Cylinders :- 2
  • Grab Pad Dimensions :- 590 x 140 mm
  • Maximum Grab Opening :- 382 mm
  • Blade Construction Fully welded :- all steel, internal braced
  • Maximum Dig Depth :- 542 mm below rail head
  • Rollers :- S355 Steel
  • Maximum Input Pressure from Excavator Systems :- 350 Bar

LOLER test certificate supplied.


Specification Document
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Sleeper Changer for mechanical industry
Sleeper Changer for automated industry


  • Standard gauge, narrow gauge and broad gauge versions available
  • Compact linear grab
  • Continuous worm drive rotator
  • Cylinders with accumilators
  • Built in pressure control
  • Twin cylinders with check valves
  • Interchangeable adapter head
  • Internally braced structure
  • Steel rollers for rail head protection
  • Improved visibility for grab
  • Full Factory Parts Backup
  • CE Marked

An ideal solution for replacing sleepers and long bearers.