The Thomson Sleeper Manipulator is designed for the precision handling and placement of steel, concrete and timber sleepers (ties).

Unique four-sided jaws can be rotated to suit the type of sleeper to be handled: urethane lined for concrete sleepers, patterned grip for timber and with welded steel lip bar for steel sleepers.

Jaws open to 400mm and close to 200mm gap to accommodate all sleeper types.

The 500kg Safe Working Load allows this grab to handle even the largest and longest concrete bearers.

A narrow jawed version with replaceable pads for different sleeper types is also available.

Sleeper Manipulator for construction
  • Narrow profile for ease of access to clips / chair screws
  • Fully enclosed mechanism
  • Hydraulic rotation and 2 pin mounting for precision sleeper manipulation
  • Weight (typical) :- 635 kg
  • WLL (Safe Working Load) :- 500 kg
  • Proof Load (factory test) :- 1,000 kg
  • Mechanism :- Fully Hydraulic
  • 0/A Height :- 1075 mm
  • 0/A Width :- 700 mm
  • 0/A Length :- 825 mm
  • Max. Hyd. Pressure :- 210 Bar
  • Min. Hyd. Pressure :- 90 Bar
  • Grip force (@200 Bar) :- 74,600 kN
  • Body Colour :- 08E51 Yellow

LOLER test certificate supplied.


Specification Document
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Sleeper manipulator for working machines
Sleeper manipulator for automated industry


  • Rotating jaws for steel, concrete & timber sleepers
  • Urethane pads for concrete sleepers
  • Hydraulic rotator
  • Two pin mounting to host machine
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Twin jaw cylinders with check valves
  • 500kg WLL
  • Full Factory Parts Backup
  • CE Marked

An ideal solutiion for precision Sleeper handling and Sleeper changing.