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Thomson Engineering Design's range of equipment for handling, laying, loading and aligning sleepers and bearers. Click on the pictures below to get more information and downloads for each of our products.

Manual Sleeper Lifting Beam

Designed for the lifting and laying of sleepers with Pandrol fastening this beam is built to order to carry from 4 to 28 sleepers with either E-clip or Fastclip fittings.

four sleeper beam

Four Sleeper Handling Beam

The Thomson Four-Sleeper Handling Device is designed for use with lorry loading cranes for sleeper haulage operations.

sleeper manipulator Sleeper Manipulator

Our sleeper manipulator can handle timber, steel and concrete sleepers thanks to its unique three sided jaws. Simply rotate the jaws to the correct surface.

long bearer beam

Long Bearer Beam

Designed for the handling of crossing timbers and long concrete bearers.

spreader beam

Sleeper Spreader Beam

Sleeper spreader beams for handling 7, 8, 14 or 28 sleepers, automatically setting them to the correct spacing and alignment.

Truck Crane Sleeper Grab

Sleeper Handling Grab

For handling steel, timber and concrete sleepers on lorry-mounted cranes

steel sleeper layer

Steel Sleeper Pack Spreaders and Layers

A range of machines for splitting packs or precision sleeper laying. Self propelled and towed models with different load deck sizes and functions.

track line marker

Track Line Marker

A lightweight precision tool for rapidly marking the ballast bed prior to sleeper laying.

sonneville block grab

Sonneville Block Spreader Grab

Thomson Sonneville Block Grabs make quick and light work of handling and laying blocks.

steel sleeper pack grab

Steel Sleeper Pack Grab

Purpose designed to prevent any risk of sleeper damage.

Concrete sleeper pack grab

Concrete Sleeper Pack Grab

Handle up to five layers of concrete sleepers.

Plate Grab

Plate Grab

For handling steel, timber and concrete sleepers and for general purpose use