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Whatever your requirement for storage, handling or manipulation of rail sections, we have a solution. Click on the pictures below to get more information and downloads for each of our products.
rail rack

Rail Racks

Storing stock rails in yards and on site is a simple and safe matter using Thomson Engineering Design's Rail Racks. These are particularly useful for safely containing bullhead rail sections.

drag clamp

Drag Clamp

Our Drag Clamp is capable of withstanding tow forces up to 10,000kg making it an ideal tool for moving welded rail up to 210m long

TD15-01 Threader Dragger

Combining the versatile Rail Foot Thimble with a hydraulic Drag Clamp into a single unit the TD15-01 Threader Dragger is the ultimate solution to handling long welded rails


Autolok Rail Grab

The Autolok Rail Clamp, available in both manual and hydraulic versions, is the light weight solution to rail handling: small enough to fit in a machine tool box it is always ready for use.

RHB16 Rail Handling Beam

The first hydraulic beam of its kind capable of stacking rails 'foot-to-foot'. This grab is ideal for use with both excavators and truck mounted cranes.

Heavy Duty Rail Beam

Heavy-Duty Rail Handling Beam

A full-featured hydraulic rail beam for use with the largest excavators and materials handlers.


Coated Rail Handling Beam

A custom built beam for handling coated or 'booted' rails available in 1.8m or 5m length or as a hydraulically operated telescopic beam.


RLB20 Rail Beam

Developed with Network Rail the RLB20 rail beam is a lightweight, robust handling device for short rail lengths and for scrap rail.

cuttlefish rail turner

RT211 Cuttlefish Rail Turner

Without doubt our most versatile rail handling device, the TR211 Cuttlefish Rail Turner can handle any running rail in any position and is most commonly used in the recovery of long welded rail sections.

Uni beam

Universal Lifting Beam

Our extremely heavy duty Universal Lifting Beam handles both rail and track panels. With a ten tonne safe working load and a variety of attachment options available this is our most popular lifting beam.


TRLB20 Telescopic Rail Lifting Beam

The TRLB20 Telescopic Rail Lifting Beam is the only hydraulic beam with Network Rail approval for the handling of new rail up to 18.5m in length.


Universal Rail Thimble

Our Universal Rail Thimble works with all running rails without the need for adjustment.

5 rail lifter

MRH14 Multi-Rail Handler

For loading and unloading large numbers of rails our Multi-Rail lifters - availiable in manual and hydraulic versions for handling 2 to eight rails at a time are the ideal solution.

adjustable rail bundle handler

MRH18 Adjustable Multi-Rail Handler

Available for handling bundles of 2 to 6 rails, MRH Adjustable Multi-Rail Handlers can be set to lift rails from 136mm to 153mm (4.5" to 6") wide.

roller bed

Roller Beds

Thomson Engineering Design have developed a unique lightweight, heavy-duty roller system for assisting with the movement of all kinds of rail and materials. The double width, 1.8m long sections weigh less than 50kg and fit neatly in the four-foot. Ideal for tunnels and Underground sites.

heavy duty rail grab for truck cranes and excavators

RG17-01 Heavy Duty Rail Grab

The RG17-01 Rail Grab is a fully-featured heavy-duty grab for truck cranes and excavators with a 2,500kg safe working load.

twin rail beam

Twin Rail Beam

A unique product, part of the Megabeam system, this beam incorporates hydraulic load levelling and telescope functions and uses Autolok Rail Grabs for safe secure operation.

Rigid Rail Lifting Beams

Rigid Rail Beams

A wide variety of standard and custom designed beams for handling rail from 1,000 kg to 15,000 kg capacity and 1m to 24m in length.

rail foot thimble

Rail Foot Thimble

A rail thimble designed for handling all types of flat bottomed rail including conductor rails.